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Welcome To The Core Media Group

Multimedia Production Company

What We Do


1 We strive to impact and change people’s lives through the items we publish. Whether it is a book, periodical, or small booklet, we provide the highest quality of project development from conception, through editing, into distribution. We carefully evaluate and select what we publish to know that there is a purpose for the item, and that it has more than a simple shallow meaning.


2 If you need to make a major impact with a strong first impression or just to freshen-up the look for your brand or image, we have everything you need. As a full service firm, we don’t need to outsource; we have a full-time graphic designer on staff. We are able to build and create logos, images for web or video production, and layout design for print media; we can walk through every stage of development and design with you. We work hard to create images that truly represent your company’s / event’s personal identity and that seamlessly cross the various mediums of today’s media.

Video Production

3 Video is arguably the best and most effective way to reach a potential customer -- whether your goal is to inspire them, teach them, or motivate them. At The Core Media Group we have developed award-winning video productions from trailers to half-hour programming and everything in between.

Web Development

4 The internet can be a confusing place. With the rise of social media, it has become vital for businesses large and small to make their presence known using the latest technology. As if things weren't complicated enough, now the rise of video on the internet has created a whole new venue for businesses to reach their customers. At The Core Media Group we have developed dozens of websites, videos, twitter feeds and e-commerce stores and can handle any project large or small in-house.

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